Statue of Liberty in New York with copper from Visnes  

Did you know that the copper in the Statue of Liberty in New York was taken out from a mine in Visnes? Due to this fact we have our own small copy in Visnes today.

The Story about
Visnes Mining Area

Once upon a time Visnes was Norway's biggest working place and Northern Europe's biggest copper plant. Visnes was number two in Norway with electric light (1885), first with telephone (1880) and first with drilling machine (1875), something that made the mining much easier.
All this was due to modern technology imported from countries further south in Europe.

Visnes Mining Museum

Today Visnes is a museum area, consisting of

  • The Mining Museum

  • Workers' Homes

  • The Administration Building

  • Cafe Fransehagen

  • The Smelting Hut ruins

  • King Oscar's Gate

  • The Gazebo

Visit us

The museum is open during Winter and Easter holidays. Then every day from mid June to the end of August. After that the museum will be open Sundays only in September. Open all week during Autumn Holiday.

Group Tours

We welcome groups - with 15 persons as a minimum - all around the year. Please book your group tour in advance.

Drop-in tours on Sundays

Every Sunday from mid June we arrange drop-in tours, at 2 o'clock p.m.

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